Meagan Musing: Day Four

Meagan Musing


Day Four

This photo pretty much sums up our Easter weekend.
Oh poor sad Andrew. His tummy bug, which had to be some kind of super-charged mutant virus, lasted a full four days and nights. I called the pediatrician, and they assured me that this was okay, but I was beginning to get worried.

We had great plans for a day with family at my parents' on Easter Sunday, but instead we sat around in our pajamas and watched Disney Jr. Again.

Well, not Caroline. I dressed her in her Easter dress anyway because she looked so cute, and I hated to not get another wear out of it. She played in the backyard for a bit and kept up her usual toddler shenanigans.(She's so ladylike y'all).

So by Sunday - the fourth day - Andrew started to feel like he could get up and do stuff, but then after a few minutes he'd say, "I'm going to go lay back down." So sad.

But I'm happy to report that as of this morning he seems to be back to about 85%. I told him we're still going to take it easy, so he's building castles with his Magnatiles and then stomping on them like a T-Rex. Sounds about right for a Monday morning.

And I told him that even though we didn't get to go to church for Easter we still need to remember God's love and mercy everyday. And also that I called the Easter bunny and he's going to make a special trip to our house next weekend. Andrew was totally okay with that.

I hope you all had a marvelous, virus-free Easter weekend!

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