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A big colorful rocket kite was one of the presents Andrew opened after his birthday party yesterday.

He couldn't wait to get out and get it in the air.

Brian spent some meticulous moments putting it together, and we headed to the neighborhood park after dinner, taking full advantage of the extra hour of daylight.

We may need a little more kite flying practice, but the kids we just as happy to get out in the fresh, cool air and run!

Really, running is at the very top of Caroline's favorites list.

I brought my dSLR and a new CF card that wouldn't talk to my camera, so thank you iPhone for allowing me to capture these moments anyway.

The kids' school is on Spring Break this week. We're planning a few fun activities, afternoons at the park, and a night at my parents' at the lake.

But I'm mostly looking forward to spending some quality time with Andrew and Caroline. They are so much fun, and I know that the more time I spend focusing on them, playing with them, getting to know them and showing them how truly important they are to me, the happier we all are.

I know that sounds so obvious, but so often I'm distracted, working on the next thing on my to-do list, when they should be the next thing on my to-do list.

So that's my plan for the week - remind them - remind me - that they are #1 on my list.

Well, that, and soaking up some sunshine. :)

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