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Bow Boot Camp

Bows were one of the things I was most excited about when I found out that I was going to have a baby girl. I'm not into the huge bows that are bigger than a baby's face, but I do like a sweet little clip to pull the hair out of her face.

A little bow to brighten up an outfit.

But Caroline didn't have any hair for a very long time. I could have tried harder to get her to wear headbands with the pretty flowers, but they were kind of a pain and she pulled on them and I decided it wasn't really worth it.

It wasn't until after her first birthday that she even had enough hair to hold a regular clip. And that's about the same time she developed her will.

I'm actually very happy with her strong will and determination. I'm hopeful that it will lead to great things in her life, but for now, well, I want her to wear a bow DANGIT!

We had a bow boot camp last weekend.

Over and over again I put her bow back in her hair after she pulled it out and threw it on the floor. But I think it's working. She'll point to it and say "pretty!" She really likes them. It's just that it's hard for her to leave them there for any longer than 30 minutes.

I posted about our bow boot camp on Instagram and everyone said just give it time! she'll decide on her own! And they're probably right.

But her hair is hanging down now, and I'm really impatient y'all.


I'll keep trying.

Because this is totally worth it right?

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