Meagan Musing: Preschool Bentos - Weeks 22 & 23

Meagan Musing


Preschool Bentos - Weeks 22 & 23

Spring is in the air!

And in our bento lunchboxes.

I hope it's not still snowing where you are. That would make me so sad. It may be 105 here July through September, but March? March in Dallas is a beautiful thing!

So here's what my kids have been eating lately:

Tuesday, March 5

Andrew had puzzle shaped ham & cheese sandwiches with ketchup in a sauce cup, cashews, strawberries and pretzels. The little strawberry picks are perfect for spring!

Caroline had ham on flower picks, grapes on a teddy bear pick, pretzels, yogurt melts and a few cashews. This lunch was packed in our new mini panda box. It's adorable and perfect for little ones!

Thursday, March 7

We were in full superhero mode getting ready for Andrew's party so he got an Iron Man ham sandwich, and I used two of the toppers I'd made for his party on a toothpick. They're paper so I was afraid they would run and get icky, but he brought it home and they still looked fine. Whew. He had a cutie, graham sticks and blueberries too.

Last week was spring break, and I made very few cool lunches. But I did give Andrew a green sprinkle pb&j for St. Patrick's Day. It was cute. :)

Tuesday, March 19

I was pretty excited about this little bunny lunch. I used a bunny cookie cutter my mom bought for us last  spring and cut the face from fruit strips using pieces from these cutters and tiny sugar sprinkles for eyes. I found the bunny picks at Party City while I was shopping for birthday party stuff - always keep an eye out! Also included: raspberries, carrots and pretzels.

Caroline had the bunny's carrot shaped pb&j, pretzels, half a cutie and yogurt melts. She ate every bite of her lunch and came home begging for more food. I think she has a growth spurt once a month, and when she does it's hard to get enough food in her to keep her happy - ha!

Thursday, March 21

Andrew had a few ham roll-ups, cashews, grapes, strawberries and graham sticks. I loved all the spring colors in his lunch.

Have you had a chance to celebrate Spring with your lunches yet?

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