Meagan Musing: Superhero Party Prep

Meagan Musing


Superhero Party Prep

Andrew's superhero birthday party is this weekend.

We decided to have a his party at home this year. I knew it would be more work to have it at home rather than somewhere like the Little Gym, but I love at home parties.

You can invite more people, serve beer to the adults, and it just feels more like a party - you know? But I had to come up with something for twenty four-year-olds to do at our house besides destroy it.

So we're having a bounce house in the back yard, a face painter, and fake barbells to lift overhead just like real superheroes do. We'll have chicken nuggets and popcorn. And cupcakes of course.

I've been making fun little crafty stuff for weeks. The people at Michael's could probably greet me by name at this point. :)

My Silhouette has been working overtime. It's amazing y'all. I thought it was kind of silly to spend that much money on a crafty tool, but Brian gave it to me for Christmas, and it's just awesome. I think it was totally worth it. It can do so much!

I made most of our paper goods with colorful cardstock, the Silhouette and two rolls of this dot tape - love that stuff!

So I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together on Saturday, and I will have way too many photos to share with you next week. :)

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