Meagan Musing: Preschool Lunch Bentos - Weeks 5, 6 & 7

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Preschool Lunch Bentos - Weeks 5, 6 & 7

So I'm a little behind on posting our lunches, but here they are! Our last few weeks of preschool lunches have been a mash-up of fall, pumpkins, frogs and other fun stuff.

Tuesday, October 9:
Preschool Bentos

Caroline had turkey, blueberries, cheese, raisins and pirates booty in a LunchBots Duo lunchbox.

Preschool Bentos

Andrew had yummy turkey sandwiches made with transportation cutters that I can't find online anymore, pop chips, cheese, blueberries with a little dino pick, carrots and yogurt. He LOVED this lunch.

Thursday, October 11:
Preschool Bentos

Andrew had peanut butter & jelly puzzle sandwiches, pita chips, cheese and raspberries. Hello little elephant and monkey. He picked out his animals. :)

Tuesday, October 16:
Preschool Lunch Bentos

I'm loving my little pumpkin toothpicks! I found these puffy stickers at Michael's and I hot glued them to toothpicks. Super easy! I'm on the lookout for more puffy stickers. Andrew had turkey with mustard for dipping, grapes, pumpkin shaped cheese and a few peanut butter crackers.

Caroline didn't go to school this day because she was cutting THREE giant molars and was a sad, sad baby.

Thursday, October 18:
Preschool Lunch Bentos

Andrew had a little cat faced PB&J with grapes and pita chips. I used these tiny cutters to make the face shape and they were a little hard to use with the cheese. I think next time I'll try it with fruit strips.

Preschool Lunch Bentos

It was packed in my new frog box, and it's Andrew's new favorite. The frog face goes in the freezer so it keeps the food nice and chilly and fresh. Adorable!

Tuesday, October 23:
Preschool Lunch Bentos

Say hello to Captain America. You'll be seeing a lot of him. I ordered this set of Marvel comic cookie stamps from William-Sonoma and Andrew thinks they're the coolest things he's ever seen. It's amazing how many little sandwiches he'll eat! The only problem? They use a TON of bread.

He had three(!) peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pita chips, cheese cubes and grapes.

Preschool Lunch Bentos

Caroline had a cute lunch: turkey on more of my DIY pumpkin toothpicks, leaf shaped bread (left over from Andrew's sandwiches) cheese stick bites, yogurt covered raisins, yogurt melts and these veggie chewy things. I thought she liked them, but they all came home with her, so.

Both these lunches were packed in boxes from All Things For Sale.

Thursday, October 25:
Preschool Lunch Bentos

Andrew had more super heroes! He specifically requested everything in his lunch Thursday. The Iron Man and Spider Man PB&Js, pita chips, ham and mustard, strawberries and bunny snacks. He ate everything but the bunny snacks which he had when he got home.

So I realized I've been making these fun lunches for seven weeks now. They've gone by fast! A few observations:

If you want to see all our Preschool Bentos this year you can see my Flickr set here. They're fun to look at all together!

Also, if you like our lunches please feel free to Pin them and share them! :)

Y'all have a great weekend!


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