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Coastal Living Beach House

We had a chance to visit the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House while we were in Florida.

It was an absolutely beautiful dream home! Our walk-through was one of my favorite parts of our vacation.

(And I'm sure it had nothing to do with leaving the kids with the dads! Ha!)

There were some really cool touches and ideas throughout the house that I would love to incorporate into our home someday.

The basic color palette was bright whites and grays with light color pops throughout. While I personally like more color than they used, it totally works for this Florida house - they brought the beach indoors. And the natural light? Amazing!


The main living area is crisp and clean, but still really comfortable. You could very easily lounge around in here after coming in from the pool.


The master bedroom may have been my favorite room in the house, with a soft chevron fabric used as a wall covering and that beautiful light green for the accent color. So pretty! And I love plates in bedrooms, I think because they are so unexpected. These over the nightstands were some of my favorites in the house.


And how cool are these drawers? No wasted space here!


The modern kitchen is directly off the living/dining area. And off to the side is the scullery. Wouldn't you like a scullery in your house? Beautiful open shelving and another sink and dishwasher.

I actually really like this layout. In our house our kitchen is open to the den and it's often hard for the rest of the family to watch TV or play in there while I'm cleaning the kitchen, running water and banging dishes around.

A scullery totally solves that problem! But you're also in there by yourself washing dishes so I guess it's a trade-off. :)

And another really neat idea:


Hidden outlets.


One thing I felt like I could incorporate pretty easily into our house at some point:

Wall groupings.

They did a great job with these throughout the house. I LOVE those prints around the TV. What an awesome way to fill the space around a flat screen.

We still have many empty walls in our house and I have, oh, a million photos of my kids. These two things needs to come together. Those oversize mats can turn pretty simple prints into a standout arrangement.

And again with the plates in the bedroom. I need to do this in my bedroom ASAP.


There were just so many fun details!

All the bathrooms were tiled with shimmery marble and my mom thought that little nook would be handy for a few different activities - mainly reading or playing Words with Friends.

The ottoman in the game room was one of my favorite pieces in the house. And yes, that's a girls' bunk room. Can you imagine how much fun six twelve year old girls could have in there?

And there was a media room, which I usually think are a pretty big waste - but this one? Oh my!


Those loungers were so comfortable. I'm sure I'd fall asleep every time I sat down, but it would be worth it.

It really was a dream house!

I left with some ideas that I can totally incorporate into my normal, non-dream house house.

If you happen to be in Rosemary Beach I'd highly recommend touring the house - although I think it may be coming to a close soon. They've sold it! What fun that family is going to have!

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