Meagan Musing: Preschool Bento - Week 2

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Preschool Bento - Week 2

I'm getting a little faster with these bento lunches. I have to admit, I'm still pretty slow, but I've only done two weeks worth so I know I'll get better with practice.

Right now I'm making a game plan the night before, getting my supplies out and washing fruit. Then it's not quite as crazy in the morning getting us out the door - hopefully!



Andrew had rolled ham and turkey. I put some on these letter picks with his initials.

He had crackers and cheese cut into animal shapes. He loves these. I added some sliced bell peppers and strawberries.

And he ate every single bite.


Caroline had ham rollups with a little C pick, not that she had any idea why. Ha! There are cheese stick bites under the pretzel sticks and I mixed oranges and strawberries in the bottom tray.

Caroline's cutting a molar and had a pretty rough day at school, so I don't think she ate much of it. Poor baby. :(

Also, I'm going to have to get my speedlight out for these photos. It was cloudy on Tuesday morning and these were taken virtually in the dark. Oops.



Puzzle-shaped turkey sandwiches on top of pop chips, celery sticks with peanut butter and cheese triangles and raspberries. I used a little food divider on top of the raspberries for fun.

And again he ate every single bite. I thought for sure he'd only eat the peanut butter off the celery, but nope. He's a pretty good eater - some days. :)

Caroline had his remaining sandwich piece (it makes four) for lunch at home with me, lucky girl. She only goes to MDO on Tuesdays.

I got some new supplies today, and I can't wait to try them out next week!

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