Meagan Musing: Preschool Bentos

Meagan Musing


Preschool Bentos

This has been one heck of a week.

A week ago last Sunday - so over ten days ago - I got an earache. Within a day or two I decided it was an ear infection, and it wasn't going to go away on its own so I went to PrimaCare.

I saw a very sweet doctor who confirmed I did indeed have an ear infection and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin.

But she said I should skip the decongestant since I'm still nursing and that all would be better in a week.

And the pain did get better, but then it came back.

Now I feel like my head is underwater, and I can sort of hear with my right ear if I press on it just right and tilt it a bit.

We're leaving for the beach soon, and I've been running around like crazy trying to get us all ready to go.

I'm going to need a vacation to recover from getting ready for vacation.

And if you have small kids I know you'll give me an "amen!" on that one. :)

Caroline has decided she's a full blown toddler, and I'm so not ready for it. Our house used to be baby proofed, but then Andrew figured out how to open it all.

And since he climbs on every single door and drawer in our house all the hinges are loose so the old baby proofing latches don't latch anymore.

Seriously, kids destroy houses. Mine are on a mission.

But one thing I was winning at this week?


This was Andrew's lunch on his first day of school.


He loved it! I used little cheese triangles tucked into the top of the dinos to make their spikes. It was so fun.

And this was Caroline's.


The food wasn't as exciting as Andrew's, but she ate most of it, and it was super easy to put together. She'll probably get some variation of this most weeks.

This is what this little bento box looks like put together. So cute!


And Andrew's lunch Thursday.


Again, he ate almost all of it. And it was so colorful. That makes it more fun I think.

So it was a good first week of easy bento lunches!

I'm off to finish packing up our entire house to take with us to the beach.

Y'all have a happy weekend! Do you have any big plans?

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