Meagan Musing: First Day of Preschool

Meagan Musing


First Day of Preschool

Today was Andrew's first day of preschool and Caroline's first day of Mother's Day Out.

I thought I might be sad about leaving them, but when it came down to it I was pretty excited.


So was Andrew.

And I know I was worried about him having all new kids in his class, but I think he's made new friends already. He said there's a Gray and a June and a Mountain in his class...hmmm. Not so sure about one of those. :)


The moms all signed up to bring a snack one day this fall so someone brought a snack for the kids today. I asked Andrew what they had.

He said they had chocolate chip cookies!

Ha! I don't know if that was just wishful thinking or if it was true, but he sure was happy about snack time.


Miss Caroline was as happy as can be once she escaped Andrew's grasp. She didn't cry at all even though this was the first time I'd left her in a school setting.

She danced through music, ate all her lunch and took a good nap.

But she was reaaally grouchy this afternoon. I'm pretty sure she's going to have to have an early bedtime on school days. Whew.

And I'm going to have to have an early bedtime on nights before school. Getting them both dressed and fed and photographed with lunches packed was hard work!

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