Meagan Musing: This week in (iPhone) Photos

Meagan Musing


This week in (iPhone) Photos

What a fun week it was!

A few highlights:

Andrew got a MAJOR haircut, and I finally took Miss Caroline in for her 9-month check-up. She weighs 20 pounds.

I have decided I'm just not ever going to wake up at 6:00AM again unless I have a flight to catch.

Caroline needs to stick to her two-nap a day routine for the next while.

But she'll probably still need to nurse twice a night for the next forever, and that's okay. It's good to be needed.

This week Andrew sang me a song about what a good mama I am, and how I like to play with him. And then I melted into a puddle of preschooler love.

Also, when I ask him to get in the car right now or I'm leaving without him(ha! I wouldn't ever do that I promise and he knows it. It's funny, really!) he says, "I'm coming paste!!!"

Is this a combination of I come in peace and posthaste? I have no idea, but I about die laughing every time.

How did I get so lucky?

1. Silly smile on the way to the lake.
2. Amazing lake sunset
3. My hair is so long! I can put it on top of my head and forget it.

4. So tired after lake/boating/pool I thought he'd take a nap, but no.
5. Apples to Apples!
6. Swimming with daddy
7. He got to drive the boat!!

8. Wine o'clock on Friday
9. Morning after haircut
10. Baby girl dancing on the hearth. Andrew did this all the time and had the bruises to prove it.
11. Eh?

12. Hahaha!
13. It was the weirdest weather day. Sunshine, rain and hail all at the same time.

14. Backyard play
15. Bathtime
16. Baby in a bathing suit
17. At the doctor - she's a chunky one!

18. The haircut
19. He's fast
20. Got to ride in the spiderman car for great potty accomplishments.

21. Dino sandwich cutter
22. Organic blueberries are expensive
23. Dino lunch
24. Chicken nugget lunch. Guess what he ate? The blackberries and carrots. Sometimes he's a weird eater.

Happy weekend friends!


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