Meagan Musing: Last Day of School

Meagan Musing


Last Day of School

Yesterday was Andrew's last day of Mother's Day Out.


We gave his sweet, patient teachers one of my favorite cups. (Thanks for the idea Pinterest.)


What a fast, fast year it was.

He seemed like such a baby when school started last fall, and now he's a little boy, super opinionated and insisting on doing everything by himself and his way, thankyouverymuch.

Sometimes I wonder if he were my only child would I still think he was closer to a baby? Compared to Caroline he's practically a grown-up. And I think I surely treat him differently than I would if he didn't have a little sister.

He ran away from me in the parking lot at swimming lessons this week. He hadn't done that in months, and I was just shocked. (I was also angry!) I had Caroline in the carseat and our swimming stuff in my arms. Another mom helped me corral him in front of my car. She asked how old he was, and I told her three last March and definitely old enough to know not to run off in the parking lot.

Her (only) little boy had turned three in January and she seemed to think maybe Andrew wasn't really old enough to know not to run off in the parking lot. So maybe I give him too much responsibility because I have to split my time with the baby?

Well, I'm surely helping him to be more independent and that counts for a lot I think.

As we start Andrew's summer break he:

- is really, really into knights and swords and pirates and swimming
- loves to dress up as fire-fighter Andrew, a green monster and a race car driver
- likes to play tennis in the backyard
- wants to sit on my lap when we read books
- tries to share his lollipops with his sister
- has so much energy it's amazing - he's up at 7:30, in bed at 8:30 or 9:00 and never naps
- really looking forward to our trip to the beach to build more sandcastles
- fully potty trained - yay! - though he still needs some help
- loves to watch Mickey Mouse, Team Umizoomi and Mike the Knight
- eats too many Scooby fruit snacks
- is crazy about his daddy

I'm really looking forward to our summer. He's doing a short MDO program in July but will be home all week for about eight weeks. I hope I can come up with enough activities to keep him busy. I foresee lots of mornings in the backyard sprinkler!

Have a happy weekend y'all!

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