Meagan Musing: Week in (iPhone) Photos

Meagan Musing


Week in (iPhone) Photos

This was our first week of "summer break". I say that in quotes because it really wasn't that much different than a normal week, but we didn't have our two-mornings-a-week Mother's Day Out so Andrew was with us a little more than usual.

Which always adds to the fun!

1. Too cool for the park
2. Playing together-ish
3. Andrew was a superhero at Target

4. Pajama ball
5. Butterfly? Moth?
6. Pajama baby

7. Baby in the grass
8. Summer salad - yum!
9. The view from our office. I spent Monday there - my first almost-full day since C was born
10. Baby toes at the park

11. Fresh strawberries - Andrew's favorite
12. On her tippy toes - when did she get SO big??
13. Lunch!
14. Love her

15. TWO Target trips. They're remodeling and it's very fancy now
16. I'm always surprised to see the city on the way home from Sonic

Since Andrew was under the weather for two days we were home much more than I would have liked to be. We had to cancel two playdates. :( Next week we'll all be healthy and ready to party!

Hope y'all had a fun week and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Don't forget to download my cute printable banner for your Memorial Day party!

And did you see I put out a call for sponsor swaps? I'd love to feature a few of my readers this summer! Send me an email if you think we'd be a good fit!


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