Meagan Musing: Mother's Day Baseball

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Mother's Day Baseball

So I've decided my Mother's Days are going to be all about sports from now on...

Last year for Mother's Day we went the Mavs' playoff game and beat the Lakers by about 32 points. This year my family headed out to Arlington for the Rangers game vs. the Angels and we beat them 13 to 6 and got to see a grand slam.

We're clearly good luck!


Last night's weather was just perfect for baseball. We really couldn't have asked for anything better considering it's the middle of May and it can often be super hot and muggy already. But not last night. It was crisp and breezy and even a little cool.

Original family four.

With the boys.

Our seats were awesome, right behind home plate. I'd never sat that close before and it made the game completely different. We were much more a part of it all, and it made it way easier to stay involved in the game.


There were beers and peanuts.


And lots of laughs.


Earlier in the day my kiddos gave me a sweet, sweet card.


And Brian detailed my car.


They're the best. I felt so blessed and surrounded by love.

I hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful celebration whether you spent the day with your kids or with your own mom.

And if you spent your day missing your mom or longing to be a mom I pray you found peace and comfort knowing that so many were thinking of you yesterday.

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