Meagan Musing: Feeding the Baby

Meagan Musing


Feeding the Baby

Feeding Caroline has been an adventure these last few months.


She has a lot of personality and it certainly shines during mealtimes. :)

My baby food experience with Andrew was a good one. I started him on cereal and a good variety of purees around five months, made most of my own food and by about 10 - 11 months he was almost exclusively on table food.

He was a good eater and would try anything. He's still a good eater - he gets a good mix of veggies and fruit with healthy proteins, mostly eating what we eat along with the toddler standards like chicken nuggets and yogurt and frozen waffles.

I like to think that his homemade baby food variety helped his eating habits, but I think a lot of it is just his personality. He's not overly dramatic and will really try anything.

So now I'm in charge of feeding Caroline and it's been...different.


I had planned to wait to start her on solids until six months. I wanted to follow baby led weaning and the experts say babies should be six months to start it.

But then by five months and a few days Caroline was sitting up completely unassisted and scooching all over the house on her tummy. She was hungry with all that movement. She had really upped her nursing but I felt she was still really ready for food.

So at about 5 1/2 months I gave her some slices of avocado while Andrew and I were eating dinner. It was hysterical! And so messy, but she loved it. I kept that up for a week or so - letting her have bits of what we were having: apples, cheese, grilled chicken. She mostly gnawed on it and didn't really get much down. (She did have two teeth already, which helped a lot!)

Y'all, she was still really hungry! She would sit in her chair and wail, begging for more food. It was so sad.


So I bought baby food in pouches and never looked back.


She still gets lots of table food and will try almost anything, but three times a day she gobbles that pureed, store bought food up like it's the best thing she's ever had. If I don't get it to her fast enough she cries - screams even. The drama of it all is kind of funny to me. Because Andrew never did that. He'd just wait and see what I had to offer.


She still nurses like a champ too, three or four times a day and once or twice at night and I certainly have no plans to wean her.

I guess she just needs lots of fuel to keep her going. She's so, so busy to be not quite nine months old.


She's busy showing me that all babies are so different, even brothers and sisters.

She's also really, really awesome.

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