Meagan Musing: Andrew's Flowers

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Andrew's Flowers

The thing about being the second child is that you get to take many car naps.

So often Andrew and I cruise around town with a snoozing Caroline. I'd like for him to be quiet-ish which is asking a lot, so I try to engage him in what's passing by our window.

And sometimes I have my dSLR in the car just in case. But I always have my iPhone because it's much easier to carry. :)

Many times I've stopped to take pictures of flowers or trees or nice light during our drives. Especially this spring, as pretty as the flowers have been. Andrew is so interested in this! He wants to get out and look with me, but usually I'm in a hurry or we're on a busy street, and I ask him to stay in the car.

Then last week as we were on our way home from Home Depot (with everyone awake!) Andrew piped up from the back, "Mama, are those pretty flowers? Should we take a picture?".

I had to stop. And luckily we weren't on a very busy street so I could let him out to see the flowers.


He picked out which little clusters he wanted me to shoot.

It was so fun! He was like my second shooter.


There were bees and butterflies all over the flowers. I think he was a little concerned about the bees, but he still thought it was so cool.

I was so thrilled that he noticed these. We hadn't stopped there before. And since then he's pointed out red roses and a few other trees through his backseat window.


Maybe he's learning to see the beauty in our everydays.

Maybe he'll be a photographer.

Or more likely he'll be looking for bees. :)

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