Meagan Musing: Washi Tape in the Pantry

Meagan Musing


Washi Tape in the Pantry


A few weeks ago I had no idea what Washi tape was, and now, well, I'm a little crazy about it.

I used it on my Easter eggs.


And then last week as I was admiring my organized pantry I thought, why not use it in here?

I have three lazy susans corralling all my canned goods and they looked fine, but they certainly weren't adding any style points to the room.


Well, washi tape dressed them up in a matter of minutes!

I hadn't yet made it to Target for the $4 for a roll of four deal, (Desiree at 36th Avenue shows you right where to find them.) so I used my tape from Michael's and Martha Stewart.


It was so simple. Just roll the tape around the edge of the lazy susan and...

you're done!


This one is my favorite. I like the mixing of the dots with the solid color.

There are so many pretty combinations.

And look at my pantry now!


I decided to do a few chip clips while I was at it:


Y'all, for a really, really un-crafty girl this washi tape stuff is great. You've got to try it.

Thanks to Ginny for the introduction!

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