Meagan Musing: Spring Swing

Meagan Musing


Spring Swing

Andrew loves to play outside, but it's hard to spend much time in our back yard these days with miss Caroline getting in to everything.


A few times I've put her in the jumper, but she doesn't really stay contained for very long without whining to get out. So today, I decided what the heck? She's eight months old. She can eat pollen strings from our trees!


She had a great time. We played with Andrew's rocket launcher for a bit and then we girls were going to go back in and leave Andrew outside to play a little longer. Well, she wasn't very happy about that. She wanted to play!

So I decided to let her try the swing.


She loved it while Andrew was pushing her.


The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

But then he ran off and she got scared.


I tried to lean her back and she cried.

Like a I'm really scared here and want to hold on cry.

And I can't tell you how foreign this was to me. I cannot ever remember a time that Andrew has cried out of fear. I'm sure he's been scared of something, but never enough to cry about it.

Is this a boy thing? Is this an adventurous wild child thing? I don't know. But I think Caroline's going to be different.

Even if I did find her crawling up the stairs yesterday.

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