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Brian took today off of work and together we took Caroline in for a nuclear medicine DMSA test to scan her little kidneys. Our pediatric urologist wanted to make sure that there was no permanent damage after her UTI in October.

I'm so happy to say that I'm not a worrier. It's just not my personality. In fact, some days I think I'm too far to the non-worrying side of the worried mama spectrum.

I hadn't even Googled what to expect with this test. I just knew what our doctor, whom I really trust and like, had told us.

He doesn't expect that we'll find any damage to her kidneys, but since she does have a really bad case of kidney reflux he wanted to do this test to be on the safe side.

He had told us that they may have to sedate her to get her to be still enough to get good pictures and, yes, I was worried about that. I really didn't want to have to go through that.

But, y'all, all they had to do was tape her down to the table and that was it! The worst part was, by far, having to find a vein to start an IV to insert the contrast dye. She was really not happy about that and struggled with us and screamed and I thought the actual scan would be really horrible.

Because she's kind of an opinionated baby.

I fed her right before I laid her down so she had a full tummy and was super sleepy and she just hung out for the full 20 minute scan. She blew raspberries and made faces at Brian and me and never cried a bit.

It was such an answer to prayer!

She took a two hour nap when we got home and woke up just as happy as could be. We'll get the results back when we see our doctor on Wednesday, and I'm fully expecting a very good outcome.

I'm just so, so thankful that the test today was as smooth and painless as could be.

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