Meagan Musing: Good News, Good Week

Meagan Musing


Good News, Good Week

We had great news from Caroline's test on Monday!


She has very little to no scarring on her kidneys! And the doctor said that she most likely won't have any in the future even if she gets another infection. I am so happy she won't have to worry about any kidney problems going forward.

It's been a big week for our little girl.

She's started sitting up on her own.


And she thinks it's funny. :)


And since she's sitting up and has two teeth I decided it was time to let her eat. She's been sitting at the table with us during meals for months so she was pretty excited to get to join us.


I'm planning to follow a modified version of baby led weaning with her so I've been letting her try all kinds of foods.

This week she's had broccoli, avocado, puffs, baby mum-mum crackers, romaine lettuce(lol!) and bananas. And she's having so much fun with it!


Today I was eating crackers and she started crying and reaching for them so I offered her a handful of puffs. She ate all I'd given her and then she whined for more. So I think she's going to be a good eater!

It's been a big week. A good week.

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