Meagan Musing: The Weekend Ends

Meagan Musing


The Weekend Ends

Ah Sunday night. It's here already. I'm sitting with Brian and kind of watching the Red Sox vs. Yankees game, mostly looking around on the Internet. Andrew is sleeping peacefully upstairs and Fenway is munching on a special treat that Brian's mom left for him to enjoy.

It's the perfect end to a great weekend. (If only it were football instead of baseball. But we won't tell Brian I said that.)

Speaking of Andrew sleeping peacefully, I have to share my great news with you: The baby has slept all night long for the past three nights! He's fallen asleep between 8pm and 9pm and slept until 7am. I can't tell you how excited I am about this new turn of events!

I have no special tips or tricks. He's been eating oatmeal once or twice a day, and yesterday he ate an entire container of carrots. So I think his little tummy is staying full longer with the new food. And that's my best guess as to why he decided to bless his mama with three full nights of sleep.

He's also really busy trying to become mobile which burns lots of energy during the day. I'm so tempted to not encourage him to crawl even though he's now pushing himself up on to all fours. It's so nice to have a sitting but not-yet-mobile baby. But that would be selfish of me.

Do you see his little tooth down there on the bottom? It's about half way in, and now the second bottom tooth is getting close to popping through. He's going to have a toothy grin soon!

Don't you just want to squeeze him? I just want to thank him for sleeping. And then squeeze him.

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