Meagan Musing: Andrew the Explorer

Meagan Musing


Andrew the Explorer

We had a great weekend in Houston visiting family. Andrew got to spend lots of time with his Grammy J!

We had an okay drive both there and back. Travelling is certainly not Andrew's favorite thing to do. He just isn't happy being strapped in for a 4 hour drive.

We got back Sunday night and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We're going to try to watch the Order of the Phoenix this week so that we can go see the sixth movie this weekend. It's crazy, but I just love Harry Potter! My cousin's 8-year-old boy is starting the series this summer, and I'm so excited for him. He gets to enjoy the story fresh from the beginning- lucky kid!

Andrew is loving his activity mat these days, reaching for everything he can get his hands (and feet!) on.

P.S. Andrew has lots of outfits and most of them are blue. But somehow he's always wearing this cute green onsie during photo shoots. I'll try to mix it up next time.



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