Meagan Musing: 4 Months!

Meagan Musing


4 Months!

Andrew is 4 months today! We had his monthly photo shoot this morning. I've been using these little stickers to mark each month's birthday.

But today all he really wanted to do was shove his shirt (and the sticker) in his mouth.

But I still managed to get a few smiles out of him.

He needed to lie down and take a break so he could really concentrate on the sticker on his chest.

The photo shoot was over and it was time to play! A little sticker is not very interesting when you have bumble bees and butterflies to reach for.

We went to his 4 month appointment today and he had to get shots again. But he didn't let sore legs keep him down.

A bit about Andrew at 4 months:

-He weighs 13lbs 11 oz (25%) and is 24 inches (25%) long. I was a little worried he’s still so small, but Mom reminded me that I was only 14 pounds at 7 months so he comes by it naturally.

-He easily rolls from back to belly and belly to back. I worry about leaving him alone on the floor for fear he'll roll into a table or the dog. He just doesn't stay still for long. I'm afraid he'll be crawling soon.

-He loves to chew on his feet. He shoves his big toes into his mouth! Strangers are always commenting on him eating his feet when we're out and about.

-He's still eating about every 2 1/2 - 3 hours during the day. Sometimes he'll surprise me and go a little longer, but 3 is really his max unless you want to see a meltdown. It's like he's sure I'm going to decide not to feed him this time.

-He's not sleeping through the night yet. There's not even much of a pattern. Some nights he'll sleep until 1AM some nights 3AM. But he always wakes up hungry. And he always wakes up ready for the day with a big smile, usually around 7AM.

He is just a joy and a delight. My love for him continues to grow every day, and it amazes me.

(I have to I was working on this post Andrew pooped while he was in my lap. Unfortunately, he was wearing a size too small diaper since that was all I had in the diaper bag earlier. Oops...amazingly it was the first time he's pooped on me. And then he peed on me when I went to give him his bath.

It was just that kind of day.)



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