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Wiggle Worm

I've been looking forward to being able to sit Andrew up in his Bumbo seat for 2 months. I thought it would be so nice for him to get to sit up straight and look around. I was sure he'd be thrilled to sit on the kitchen counter and watch me make dinner or empty the dishwasher.

I tried it out a little before his 3 month birthday and he wasn't very interested. He wasn't quite strong enough and he slumped forward. So I tried again a few weeks ago and he seemed to really like it.

But now he's started trying to crawl out of it. He tucks his leg up in the seat and wiggles around to his right, grabs his foot and lunges forward as hard as he can.

He's trying to escape! Every time I put him in it!

Now I'm afraid to put his seat up on the counter. He can't be trusted to stay corralled. There is a specific WARNING printed directly on the seat not to do that anyway. I guess we'll have to follow the rules since I have a little wiggle worm.

But poor Andrew is disappointed that he can't watch me empty the dishwasher up close. Actually now that I think about it, maybe that's why he was trying to make an escape.


We're off to Houston to visit Brian's family for the weekend. Andrew's going to meet his other great grandmother for the first time! And Brian's mom, Grammy J, hasn't seen Andrew in over a month. I can't wait for her to see how much he's grown!

Here's hoping Andrew sleeps the whole way to Houston.

Have a great weekend!



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