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I still have so much to do to get our nursery ready for Baby Boy. We're close, but I've had a hard time deciding on bedding. You'd think that would have been the first thing we picked out, but no. We decided on paint colors with one bedding set in mind and have now found another we like even better.

The paint we chose will look great with the new stuff, too. Which is a blessing because I'm pretty sure I couldn't talk Brian into painting the room again.

The new bedding is awesome, but it means we're switching up our theme at the last minute. It's a good thing we didn't stencil those little animals on the wall like we'd planned now that we're contemplating hanging hot air balloons over the crib. Looking back, I think maybe I was never really committed to the first choice.

So Mom's coming in tomorrow for a big Buy Everything Else I Could Possibly Need Before the Baby Gets Here Day. I don't know how it's possible, but we still needs lots of stuff. And I have come to the conclusion that people are much more apt to buy clothes for little girls than little boys. This guy's closet needs some serious work!

So hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll have everything I need to finish decorating the nursery, and I'll be able to spend the weekend organizing and putting things away. Wish us luck tomorrow. We're getting down to crunch time.


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