Meagan Musing: Seems Like Fall Around Here

Meagan Musing


Seems Like Fall Around Here

We've finally fallen back into Central Standard Time. Thanks goodness! Somehow getting up and starting my day when the sun is still hours from rising is really hard to do. Shouldn't the sun be up and working if I am? Some people say that summer is over after Labor Day, but I don't think it's really over, at least here, until we 'fall back'.

A cold front blew through last night. It was almost 90 degrees yesterday, which doesn't feel a thing like Fall so I was happy to wake up to crisp, cool weather this morning. Fall, or at lease the idea of Fall, has always been my very favorite season so it's kind of ironic that Dallas seems to have about two weeks of it. But this year it really has been pretty. It's been a little warm, but we were still able to have a really nice fire outside on Saturday night with Matt & Kelsey. And it's about time to get the leaf blower and garbage bags ready. We learned last year that it's a lot easier if you pick up leaves a little bit every week rather than wait until January when there's not a single leaf left on a tree within a five mile radius.

The retail world is already finished with Fall. It's suddenly time to start buying Christmas presents. Really?? Surely I have more time before I have to worry about what to get everyone for Christmas. Can I at least enjoy the first two weeks of November first? That's all I ask. Then I'll break out the Christmas music and the shopping lists!

I'm supposed to go to a Sip 'n See this weekend for a friend that already had her baby. So we'll get to see the baby and sip on drinks, but do we take gifts? Does anyone know?

Hope y'all have a beautiful Fall day!

*No, Dallas has never actually had leaves as pretty as this picture, but I can dream right?



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