Meagan Musing: A Good Read (I Hope!)

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A Good Read (I Hope!)

It's here! It's here! The follow up to Ken Follett's amazing The Pillars of the Earth is now available at your nearest book store. (My preference is Barnes & Noble, but it might be because I pay that $25 a year to get their discounts.)

I first read The Pillars of the Earth in high school for history class and what a story it is! It's an amazing, historical epic that spans decades, and thoroughly captures the reader as men spend their entire lives building a cathedral in England. I read it again earlier this year to get prepared for the follow up, World Without End, and was reminded of why is stands out on my pretty long list of all-time favorite books. Mom and Ally read and loved Pillars as well, so I'm hoping they'll read World Without End with me so we can discuss. It takes place in Kingsbridge with the cathedral, but is set two centuries later.

Enjoy your weekend and try to pick up a copy of World Without End. I'm sure we won't be disappointed!



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