Meagan Musing: Life with Chemists

Meagan Musing


Life with Chemists

I've mostly enjoyed my five and a half years at the biotech company I work for, but I've always wished there was another girl around to notice my cute outfits, new shoes and bad hair days. The four men I spend my work-day with would barely notice if I walked in wearing a pink wig and green go-go boots. Unfortunately it's really hard to find a young, cute, english-speaking, fun, female chemist. Well, my dreams have finally come true, y'all!! We actually found one, and she really is all those things and a good chemist too.

Today for halloween she's wearing socks covered in bats, an orange shirt and an honest-to-goodness black and orange hair bow!! Not only does she notice holidays, but she participates in them too! She tells funny stories about her 6-year old daughter and her baby and talks about how hard it is to have to make dinner every night. Now, I know that to most people she seems like just your average co-worker, but you don't know what this means to me. I have never worked with anyone who wasn't a chemist. (A little sad, I know.) And I think chemists are, as a breed, kind of boring and not very interested in telling anyone about their personal lives. Or maybe that's just men, but either way I'm thrilled to have another girl in the office who likes to talk almost as much as I do!

Since she does have two little girls who keep her really busy and lives pretty far away, we're probably not going to become best-buds and go for drinks after work, but I'll take her while we're at the office. Those men won't know what hit them! :)



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