Meagan Musing: My Fall from Glory

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My Fall from Glory

I spoke a little too soon about my Fantasy Football awesomeness. Kelsey and Matt, who had the worst record going in to this week, beat me 125 to 57! Yes, that's right...I scored only 57 points. Brian was right - my fantasy genius was gone in a flash.

Kelsey and I had an awesome run/walk on the Katy trail on Saturday morning. We did the entire trail from Airline Rd. north of Knox/Henderson to the AAC in the west end. It was about 8 miles. Most of it was walking, but we got a few good runs in, too. It only took an hour and a half, but we both had very tired legs on Sunday.

Brian agreed to go the Cornerstone service at Highland Park Methodist on Sunday. I wanted to check out Paul Rasmussen's sermon series on making happy marriages, but the Cornerstone service is very contemporary. They have electric guitars, a drum set, and the minister doesn't even wear a suit, much less a robe, but we gave it a try anyway. And I think Brian liked it. The music was a little loud, but the sermon was great. We missed the first half of the series, but I think we should be able to catch the remaining two. Next week is about the gift of sex so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to convince Brian to go to that one! :)

The Cowboys won again! Yay! Who would have thought we'd start 4-0? It's so much more fun to be a fan when your team is winning, dontcha think? I'll take a Cowboys win over my fantasy team winning any day!

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  • Folk just clinched the Monday night game against Buffalo, so I just enjoyed a Cowboys victory at the expense of that field goal and the Cowboy's victory. 5 picks is a lot I can't believe the Cowboys squeeked it out. Good for head coach too, but I can't help to feel for those Bills fans (1st Monday night football game in 13 years). Given it was Columbus Day I bet the hangovers were already setting in when the ball split the sticks.

    By Anonymous Brian, At October 8, 2007 at 11:19:00 PM CDT  

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