Meagan Musing: Project 365, January 11 - January 18

Meagan Musing


Project 365, January 11 - January 18

Brian's uncle passed away last week. He had been sick for a long while so it was a sad loss, but it wasn't completely unexpected. My mom picked up the kids for the weekend and Brian and I road tripped south for the funeral.

It was kind of like a date weekend in a weird way. We had a nice dinner out by ourselves and spent lots of time together in the car. It was good to spend some one-on-one time with him; It was a little recharge for me. And since we don't have any weekend trips away planned anytime soon I'll take what I can get. Just waking up in a kid-free house was pretty vacation-like. I bet you would agree.

By Sunday afternoon we were all back together doing our regular Sunday afternoon thing, watching football, playing outside, wearing princess dresses. And it was good.

I've been plugging along with my Project 365. I'm having so much fun with it, capturing moments I wouldn't be otherwise.

"Smocked in Dad's Old Shirt" 11 // 365
Bumble Bee
"Bumble Bee be Free" 12 // 365
"Share" 13 // 365
Bow Hat
"I need my bow hat" 14 // 365
Princess Crown
"I need my princess crown" 15 // 365
"J is for Jellyfish" 16 // 365
Let's Go
"Let's Go" 17 // 365
Lone Star
"Lone Star" 18 // 365


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