Meagan Musing: Caroline's Haircut

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Caroline's Haircut

Right before Christmas I was suddenly desperate to have Caroline's hair cut.

I took this photo one morning and decided that something had to be done immediately.

I knew it was coming, but I was holding hope that one day her hair would just fill in and thicken up and grow to all one length overnight. You know - I was pretty much hoping for a miracle. :)

It had gotten so bad that some days I'd find bits of crushed leaves stuck in her hair, and I'd wonder how long they had been there. She really doesn't like me to style her hair and when I put pretty bows, even ponytails in it, she rips them out in just a matter of minutes.

So, yes, it was well past time for a trim.

She did great even though you can't tell from her look of serious concentration.

Look at those little bangs! So sweet! :)

And then it was gone.

I really wasn't emotional or sad about it at all. So I'm not sure why I waited so long to do it. If your little girl has stringy, thin, too long hair - just cut it. It'll be totally worth it.

She even cracked a smile during the blow dry process. And she's so proud of it now. "I got a haircut!" she'll say to anyone who will listen. She's even been a little more willing to let me brush it and style it - woohoo!

(She's so independent that it kind of makes me insane. She dresses herself. She even puts on her own feety pajamas. Who does that?? So letting me work on her hair is a big step for us.)

So I know now that I'll have to keep it trimmed pretty regularly, but it's still worth it. She looks so much more polished and put together and way less homeless which is always a win in my book. :)

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