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New Year // New Start


I don't normally do a lot of reflecting at the end of the year - I'm too ready to look forward, get things done, make some progress already. I wandered around Target this morning, hot coffee in hand, alone, and I started thinking, planning, decorating our home in my head. (Because the new spring Threshold stuff? Awesome!)

I have many things I want to work on in 2014, but at the top of my priority list is hospitality, welcoming friends and family into our house. I naturally lean toward being a homebody, focusing on my kiddos and Brian and our time.

And these things are good, but I want to invite our friends in more often, fill our house with the sounds of kids laughing and music playing and fun times being had. Specifically, I'd like to entertain in some form or fashion once a month in 2014.

My other big focus will be on my photos. I'm going to do a better job of sharing my pictures - both in print and digitally. I have a terrible habit of uploading photos and then leaving them on my computer forever, never to be seen again. Well not anymore! I'm undecided on whether I'll try a photo project again - I've still never completed one - but if I do, then I'm going to make sure it's well displayed - ha!

There's so much more, but right now these things seem easy and fun to me, and I'm not dreading them one bit which is a good place to start for the New Year.

Do you make resolutions? Great goals and plans? What is on your list for 2014?

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