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Bento Lunches - Simple and Quick

These latest lunches are a wrap-up of the end of September and our transition into Halloween lunches. I also finally found Andrew's beloved Scooby snack crackers at Target again so you'll be seeing lots of those.

My kids LOVE watermelon, like they could eat an entire melon in a day or two. I'm so sad that its season is ending, but we are also enjoying the heck out of the apples right now. They are so crisp and perfect. I'm hoping they'll fill the void.

What foods are you loving right now?

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Thursday, Sept. 19

mini panda box

Caroline's little lunch was packed in our two-tier panda box. It's tiny but it's great for a little one. She had the beloved watermelon, cheese and ham, goldfish and a few mini crackers. She also got a fruit pouch. She ate all but the cheese - my kids have suddenly stopped eating cheese?? I don't know what's going on.

mini school bus

Andrew had mini ham sandwiches stamped with the school bus from this set. He also had apples, a cutie and pumpkin spice bread cut with these flower cutters to fit in the orange cup. This lunch was packed in the Lego box. I'm loving little sandwich stampers this year. They make a big impact, but are so quick to put together!

Monday, Sept. 23

PlanetBox Patriotic

This lunch in our PlanetBox totally ended up looking patriotic. I will remember that striped apple with the blue cup next Fourth of July!

Andrew had a CuteZCute kitty sandwich, apples with peanut butter in a sauce cup, grapes, pretzels and celery with a few M&Ms for a treat.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

Fruit Laptop

Andrew had a very colorful lunch packed in the laptop box: ham roll-ups with ketchup, carrots and watermelon, a few of those scooby snacks and more pumpkin spice bread. I threw in a few fruit picks to jazz it up.

Thursday, Sept. 26

lunchbots duo superheroes

Caroline was home sick and I was in a hurry to get her to a doctors appointment that morning so Andrew's lunch was super rushed.

I kind of decided to go with a green theme. :) His lunch was packed in the Lunchbots Duo. He had ham roll-ups with ketchup in a green cup, grapes, cashews, a cutie in an orange cup, and scooby snacks in another green silicone cup. He asked for superhero rings too. The batman fit perfectly on top of the orange.

Monday, Sept. 30

Panda Box

Panda Box

This was so cute! It would have been even better if Andrew could read that it says Panda, but I told him what it said so I'm hoping he remembered. :)

This was packed in our panda shaped box. He had more ham roll-ups, celery and carrot sticks and two panda dipping cups - one with peanut butter and one with ketchup. He also had green grapes and pop chips. I spelled out panda with these ABC picks.

We're now into October and I've started some pumpkin/ghost/fall themed lunches.

I'll have them ready to share next week!

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