Meagan Musing: Andrew's Blue Bicycle

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Andrew's Blue Bicycle

We really wanted to get Andrew a bicycle as a little moving/transition gift this summer when we moved to the new house. But you need to be super responsible and able to follow directions to ride a bike in a busy neighborhood, and we were worried that Andrew was a little lacking in the "able to follow directions" category this summer. Ha!

But getting back into a school routine seems to have helped a bit, so we went ahead and surprised him with a shiny new bike last weekend!

Blue Bicycle

To say he was excited would be an understatement!

Blue Bicycle

He was so fearless - hopping right on and peddling like he totally knew what he was doing.

Blue Bicycle

Blue Bicycle

He took a little direction from Brian, but he really figured it out on his own and has only fallen a few times. He's mostly been riding around in our driveway, which has the smallest of inclines. As long as he can use a space in the garage to get some momentum he can get right up that mini hill.

But sometimes he gets stuck and gets really frustrated. We're working on problem solving and calmly asking for help. :)

We also talked about what some of our bike riding rules should be, and he came up with:

-not running over his sister or the dog
-staying on the sidewalk and not going into the street
-always wearing his helmet

Not bad...I felt a little better about the whole thing when he started off with don't run over my sister.

Blue Bicycle

And I think we've finally found something that is going to wear him out! It's a lot of work to peddle around for hours!

Blue Bicycle

I'm a proud mama!

Blue Bicycle

PS. Brian picked out the bike and crazy robot dragon helmet on his own, and I think he did an awesome job! Andrew keeps making up stories about robot dragons - I think that means he likes it! Ha!

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