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I've been chopping and grating all afternoon. We're having homemade tomato soup for dinner and the kitchen smells amazing. It's sunny and warm out, but not hot and I'm so grateful for the first hints of fall weather and the lower softer light that's spilling in our back windows.

Yellow Flowers

Caroline didn't want to nap today so Brian rocked her in her chair and they took naps together.

I bought some new fall clothes for the kids last week. Andrew wore his dark jeans and a pink checked button down to church this morning and he looked like a million bucks. He helped me put the outfit together, down to the sloppy front tuck. I think he's got a little bit of style in him when he tries.

Caroline wore her new pink Nikes to church even though I wanted her to wear her little silver mary janes because these days shoe choice is just not something I have the energy to argue over. She is so very TWO - self assured and full of firm opinions. At least they're super cute for sneakers.

Our living room is full of the sounds of football. Andrew knows that a Sunday in the fall will be known as "football Sunday" in our house. The Cowboys lost. But I'm going to win both of my fantasy games this week. I'd honestly rather lose my fantasy games and have the Cowboys win, and that's saying something.

Andrew's spent his afternoon in the playroom building little cars out of his Legos. His ability to focus and build for 2+ hours at a time is still surprising to me. He's such a little boy. We call him Architect Andrew because he designs these tall castles and garages for his cars to sleep in.

Lego Cars

I did some decorating while it rained yesterday. I worked on the bedding in the guest room and we hung a new mirror in the entryway. (But there's still so much empty wall space here! And boxes too. Oh yes.)

Wisteria Mirror

My fall book banner from last year is hanging on the mantle in the living room. I like it more here than I did in our old house. The old straw scarecrow is standing by the front chest, ready to greet you when you knock on the front door.

Fall Pumpkin Banner

Now I just need a few little pumpkins to scatter about, and we're ready.

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