Meagan Musing: Ghostly Bentos

Meagan Musing


Ghostly Bentos

Halloween style bentos are here! Sorry I'm a little late in sharing these, but you still have plenty of time to get your October creativity in gear! :)

You can also follow me on Instagram to see our lunches in real time. I don't post them all, but I do share quite a few. 

Tuesday, Oct. 1

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

Pumpkins! This lunch was packed in our PlanetBox and included a pumpkin shaped sandwich, carrots and hummus (which he didn't eat, but I tried), scooby snack bones, strawberries with a fall leaf pick and a few gummy snacks for a treat. The pumpkin was a little boring so I added the green leaf and a piece of green baran.

Thursday, Oct. 3

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

Caroline had ham roll-ups with pumpkin shaped cheese toppers, TJ's pirate's booty, apple slices and a mini cup filled with yogurt covered raisins. Her lunch was packed in this little apple box.

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

Andrew had another spooooooky lunch! He had turkey on ghost toppers, yogurt with two different kinds of Halloween sprinkles, apple slices and Triscuits.

Monday, Oct. 7

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

Monday mornings are crazy at our house and I bet ours is not the only one. This lunch was kind of a mess, but it was cute and Andrew was happy. He had a ghost sandwich with candy eyes, "monster" orange slices, strawberries, Truscuits and a cereal bar.

Tuesday, Oct. 8

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

Ahhh...much more together on a Tuesday. :) This lunch was packed in our two-tier panda box. Andrew had turkey roll-ups with a friendly fox pick, scooby bones, star shaped pumpkin spice bread in a star silicone cup, carrots and strawberries.

Thursday, Oct. 10

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

Caroline's little lunch was packed in our Yumbox. She had Hello Kitty sandwiches, pop chips and goldfish, carrots and apple slices and a few m&m's.

Meagan Musing: Easy Preschool Bentos

I sent Andrew with yet more scooby bones, a puzzle shaped ham and mustard sandwich, apple slices, celery and peanut butter in the blue cup with a few m&m treats in the PlanetBox.

Do you know the trick to keeping your apples from turning brown? Lemon juice! I think there are actually quite a few ways to keep them fresh, but I like to soak ours for a few minutes in a little bit of lemon juice water after I've sliced them. They'll stay nice and crisp and not brown for hours.

I gave a short talk on bento lunches last week at a friend's PTO meeting. I was embarrassed, and messed up the microphone a bunch, but other than that I think it went okay. :)

I'm planning to summarize my talk and put together a post on getting started with bentos - sharing my favorite boxes and where to start. Soon, I hope!



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