Meagan Musing: Latest Bentos - "Fall" Edition

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Latest Bentos - "Fall" Edition

My goodness, it's been a while since my last post.

I think I'm in some kind of why does it still feel like summer, but it's supposed to be fall funk.

The days are shorter and the sunlight is a little softer, but it's still hot as blazes and I'm just ready to step outside and not sweat.

But we've been plugging along at school.

I joined the ECPTA!  Andrew gets to pick out his own clothes every morning. Caroline LOVES her class so much she cries on Tuesdays when Andrew goes and she comes back home with me.

September has been good to us. :)

So here are a few of the lunches I've sent with the kids the last two weeks.

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Monday, Sept. 9

Lego Box Bento

Andrew's lunch was packed in the Lego Box. We love this box, and now that he's even more obsessed with Legos it's even better. I used these stampers for the ham sandwiches with a rainbow cup full of ketchup, (I know - it's so gross.) watermelon and graham sticks in a star cup.

What a cute way to start off the week!

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Planet Box Yogurt Bento

Andrew had turkey roll-ups, yogurt, strawberries, bunny grahams with a leftover pita triangle (there were two and he ATE one while I was packing his lunch - ha!) and mini chocolate chips. This lunch was packed in the Planet Box. I tossed a few picks in for fun.

Thursday, Sept. 12

Yumbox Turkey

Caroline's lunch was packed the Yumbox. She had turkey roll-ups, cheddar cheese strips, pretzels, grapes, raspberries and yogurt covered raisins. I included the Hello Kitty picks and she was so excited! She kept waving - "hi lunch!" while I was packing. She's a hoot!

Laptop Lunchbox

Andrew's lunch was packed in the Laptop Lunchbox. This box has been much more popular in our house this year. I'd bought it last year and he couldn't open it without help which was a big no-no for my independent three year old. But at four and a half he can rock it - we've practiced at home.

He had a really simple lunch of strawberries, pretzels and peanut butter celery. I tried to make him a star shaped ham sandwich, but it was too big so I cut the tips off and stuck a circle sandwich on top of it. Sometimes I mess up! :) And there's ketchup in the dipping cup.

Monday, Sept. 16

Planet Box Superheroes

I sent Andrew with a Planet Box full of pretzels, shelled pistachios, apples and superhero sandwiches, with a few mini marshmallows for a treat. He picked the sandwich stamps he wanted to use. I love how interested he is in his lunches this year! The superman shield is a little cupcake topper ring.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Hot Dog Bento

Gah! This was a cute lunch packed in our frog box. Andrew had a cold turkey dog, cucumber slices, a cutie packed in an orange cup with a leaf pick, berry mix and star shaped pumpkin spice bread cut to fit in the star cup. This lunch was a little nod to fall I think.

Here's to cooler weather, y'all!

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