Meagan Musing: A New Baby (but not for me)!

Meagan Musing


A New Baby (but not for me)!

I'm so happy to tell y'all that my beautiful sister is going to have a beautiful (probably tiny) baby....



Another girl in the family!

My nephew is almost two and the new baby girl is due early next year. So between us we'll have had four babies in under four years.

How's that for a baby boom? :)

Years ago I told everyone that Brian and I needed to have a boy and a girl and then Kelsey and her husband needed to have a boy and a girl. As close as our families are the kids would essentially have both a brother and a sister, but each couple would only have to have two kids.

It made perfect sense to me, but everyone kind of scoffed at that would happen!

Well, here we are.

I'm so excited that the baby will get to wear Caroline's clothes. And that Caroline won't have to be the only girl anymore. (Not that she's been having trouble holding her own, no ma'am.)


And I'm excited for Kelsey that she'll get to have one of each.

Oh what fun our crazy kids are going to have together!

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