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Andrew Update

Dear Andrew,

I'm so far behind on your monthly posts! We spent almost six weeks with your Mimi and Papa Jack while we had new floors put down in our house. We had a great time, and your Mimi especially loved that time, but I got a bit out of my mama routine. We're home now, and I'm trying to get back in to the swing of things.

You've experienced so many firsts in the last few weeks I don't even know where to start. And I haven't written a thing in your baby book yet! I'll have to use pictures to help me remember.

I can say that at 7 months and 1 week you are:

-Crawling! You started really getting up and going right after your baptism so it was somewhere around the beginning of October which means you were six and half months old.

-Pulling up! I can't keep you off our furniture and our walls and really anything else you can get a hold of to help you pull up to your feet. This is so gross, but your feet are now dirty at the end of the day. And on the rare occasions that I get you to wear socks all day - they're dirty. Ewww! I know our new floors are clean so where does all that dirt come from?

-Clapping. One day you started clapping and you haven't stopped. You clap your hands when you're happy or excited about something. Or maybe just when you're sitting around and don't know what to do with your hands. :)

-Saying Da-Da. It brings your dad great joy. You say it a bit indiscriminately, but he doesn't mind. Often I will say, "Andrew, can you say mama?" and you'll smile right at me and say "Da-da!".

-You sleep really well at night, getting up once to eat about 3am and going back to sleep until 7:30. It's a good schedule. Now, if only we could cut out the 3am feeding!

-You're nursing about 3-4 times during the day and sometimes it's hard to fit it in. I have to take you away to a quiet room so you'll concentrate to get enough to eat.

-I just switched you to size 3 Pampers Cruisers and it made me sad. I wish you could have stayed in the Swaddlers forever.

-I have to put you in pants everyday because your poor little knees are getting red from all the moving around on them. But your legs are short and your pants are too long! I try to keep them rolled up, but it's a challenge. You don't seem to mind though.

-I'm still swaddling you for naps and nighttime. I know, I know. It's time to quit, but it's so hard to get you to sleep without it. You just move so much, and the swaddle keeps you still and peaceful.

-You are the sweetest baby. You love kisses and hugs and smiles and songs. If you're crying in the car I just have to sing Ol' MacDonald and you're as happy as can be - until I quit singing. :)

I can't begin to tell you what joy you've brought to my life. Your daddy and I are so crazy about you.; we love you to the moon and back!

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