Meagan Musing: We're On the Move

Meagan Musing


We're On the Move

I apologize for the radio silence, but I've had a hard time blogging while we've been staying with my parents. My routine is all off and the blog has suffered.

But we should be back in our house by this weekend. I'm so ready to see our new floors with our furniture and get unpacking. This is a great opportunity to de-clutter and spruce things up a bit.

I'm also having to keep a really close eye on Andrew these days since he's decided it's time to crawl and pull up on everything he can get his little hands on.

Oh sure, he looks all innocent here, but the stillness lasts for about 0.2 seconds.

And then he's on the move.

Only one hand needed!

Seriously, he's fast. I find it amazing that he can move across a room and get into trouble so quickly! It's different having a very mobile, very active baby, but we're loving every minute of it.



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