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Monday, Monday

It's Monday and I have so much to do! But instead I've done some work around the house and watched last night's episode of Design Star. I'm taking care of the really important things first.

I spent a little time playing on the floor with this guy, too.

We had a fun weekend at home. The best part? It was in the lower 90s all weekend, and it dipped down into the lower 70s at night. It almost felt like the beginnings of Fall. But I have to try not to get my hopes up because we all know it'll be back to 100 degrees in another week or two.

Every year I have to remind myself that truly cool air doesn't show up and stick around until the end of the State Fair which is sometime in mid-October. So, yeah, I've got some waiting to do.

Yesterday we got together for lunch with some of our friends who also have babies. It was so fun to see everyone. Cody was born last Fall and Alex is about to be 17 months. Andrew actually interacted with the other babies this time, taking toys from Cody and watching Alex as she walked around the room.

We also had our Fantasy Football draft yesterday. We do it online so Brian was on the computer in the study and I was on my laptop in the kitchen. I had to feed the baby and put him down for bed between my picks. It was a much different experience than last year's draft.

But I'm pretty sure my team rocks!



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