Meagan Musing: Season, Interrupted

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Season, Interrupted

Have y'all heard about this writers strike? It's really messing with my world. Don't worry if you're a movie lover. They have plenty of movie scripts ready to go and you should have no problem catching Sex in the City: The Movie. But we TV lovers are just up a creek. TV show scripts are only complete a few weeks before they are set to film. Many sitcoms are actually re-written while they are filmed. And since there's no writing going on there's very little filming going on.

What does this mean? That we're already out of The Office and Back to You scripts. That we're going to run out of hour long dramas like House and Dirty Sexy Money by the end of the year. That Lost and 24 which were supposed to be back in February most likely won't even air this TV season. Dear Lord, what will I do? (That's a prayer, not a swear!)

The networks are going to air reruns and reality shows in place of regular, good TV. I can look forward to the newest season of Project Runway on Bravo and American Idol in January, but that's it. The rest of my week will be filled with CSI reruns.

I know y'all are saying, "Come on. Can't you just read a book?" But it's not the same! I'm crazy about good, well-written TV, and I still read lots of books. I'm thinking I'll ask for TV shows on DVD for Christmas this year. Things I haven't seen before so it's like watching new TV to me. There's got to be a bright side to everything I guess. But I'm going to miss my regular TV. :(

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