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Greenling Saves the Day

Our house is on the market right now which means it has to be clean and tidy and ready for serious company at any moment.

So I'm spending lots of time cleaning and driving around with the kids and the dog for showings and very little time going to the grocery store and cooking dinner for the family.

Which has been driving me crazy. I want to give the kids healthy, well-rounded meals while balancing our currently limited time for summer fun.

Enter Greenling DFW.

They are my new favorite local company.

They sent us one of their famous Local Boxes to try out and we loved all of it!

All our food arrived on our doorstep in this bright green box. I didn't have to drive anywhere or strap the kids into the giant car cart or anything. :)

We ordered the local box, a meal kit, and a few grab-and-go snacks.

The fresh veggies and white bean dip were amazing! I ate all the veggies and then broke out some crackers to finish off the dip. So good. And super convenient too. Which I certainly need more of these days.

I didn't know that they offered meal kits and these are what made me such a happy customer.

You can order a fully prepared meal and all you have to do is cook it. That's it - no seasoning, no measuring no chopping and shopping for random ingredients.

I loved every bit of it.

We had spaghetti bolognese with fresh vegetables because I knew my kids would be all over the pasta. It came completely measured and ready to cook. All we had to do was heat the water, brown the organic meat and saute the veggies. Super doable, even in a time crunch.

It was all so fresh and delicious. And we all loved it.

In the local box we received giant green onions, spinach, strawberries, Texas limes and oranges, cremini mushrooms, romaine lettuce and parsley. And they included recipes and meal ideas for all the fruits and veggies.

We had cheesy scrambled eggs with chives for breakfast Saturday morning and they were fabulous.

We made our favorite spinach, feta, pecans and red onion salad too.

I'm not an overly adventurous cook, but we were able to make some really great meals without stretching my creativity too much.

The local box was perfect for us. The strawberries and oranges were gone in about 5 minutes because my kids are crazy fruit eaters and Brian made tasty fresh-squeezed lime margaritas for us too! :)

So to recap: local, fresh, organic food delivered right to my doorstep with recipes and instructions on how to use it all. I'm a big, big fan and I think you will be too!

Dallas friends you can use this code to receive 10% off your first order:

You will love it!

Disclaimer: provided me with a credit for their local box produce. All opinions stated here are mine and I loved them so much that I've placed two other orders as well. :)

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