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Build 'em Up: Friendship

The topic for this week’s Build ‘em Up series with KellyJenniferCourtney and Erin, is friendship – making and keeping friends - specifically in this season of mothering little ones.

After Andrew was born I knew I really, really needed to find some mom friends. I was the first of my close college friends to have a baby, and I needed local support as I plowed through those first few sleepless months of motherhood.

Our church has a group for new moms that forms every three months so that the babies are all close in age. I called shortly after Andrew was born and signed up and I'm so, so grateful I did.

I can't imagine how different motherhood would be for me without these girls.

We spent those first few months sharing birth stories and sleep stories and breastfeeding stories. Then we all moved onto the toddler phase and we commiserated about life with a two year old.  Now most of us have second (and some have third!) children, but we still get together often to talk about motherhood and lots of other fun stuff too.

Our kids go to each other’s birthday parties and they’re in Sunday School together. Our husbands are friends and look forward to seeing each other at the annual Halloween costume photo. :)

I know so many people who have made great friends through the New Mom’s Group at our church. It’s a wonderful opportunity, and if you have a new baby I’d encourage you to reach out at your own church to see if they have something like it.

But even if you didn’t make friends while you were home with your new baby, once your children are old enough to jump into activities, whether it’s Gymboree or the church choir or soccer, it’s a little easier to make friends. You’re out and about with your kids and you obviously have something in common.

But you still have to be willing to put yourself out there which can be hard, but is so worth it. Moms need friends. Even if busy schedules keep you from spending lots of time together you can still send an encouraging text when you know a friend is having a rough week. Or you can swing by with dinner when you know a friend is home with a sick kid.

We all need support and inspiration and fellow moms make awesome, encouraging friends.  I know I would be lost without mine. :)

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