Meagan Musing: Family Routine

Meagan Musing


Family Routine

This has been the weirdest week. I sat down tonight and thought is it really only Thursday??

We had a leak in our kitchen faucet and had to have it replaced.

In the meantime our kitchen was out of commission with all the under the sink supplies hanging out on our counters and little water available for all the normal day-to-day kitchen activities like washing dishes. So I was ridiculously happy to clean everything up last night after the new faucet was finally installed and running.

My car needs new tires again. Not a huge deal, but it's a 2007 and I've been wanting a bigger car for a while now anyway, so it seemed like a good time to go ahead and start car shopping. Well, car shopping turns out to be a much bigger deal than getting new tires.

So a whole lot of my week was eaten up by car shopping and decision making.

And Brian worked late every night this week. Again, not a huge deal, but in the middle of this weird week it made things harder.

And you know, those are just the little things here in our house that threw me for a loop. It's wild how a few little disruptions and changes to our routine can knock us off our family axis.

But I can't even imagine how the families that were directly impacted by the terrible tragedies in Boston and West, Texas are dealing with it all this week. My heart breaks for these families who were going about their daily lives, settled into their routines and then literally, boom, everything's changed.

I'm sure my kids haven't noticed that this week has been weird. I want to shelter them for as long as we possibly can. They're so little. I've kept the news off and Andrew has no idea that anything terrible has happened anywhere.

Or even that I've felt crazy and harried with all our regular routine disruptions. They are still so innocent and lovely and full of joy, just as they should be. My prayer this week, and always really, is that children everywhere could live with the same innocence.

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