Meagan Musing: 8 Months!

Meagan Musing


8 Months!

Guess who's excited to be eight months old?

Andrew turned eight months old yesterday. Brian took the day off of work so we had a fun family day.

Andrew is, of course, super busy these days.

He's cruising around furniture and walls and dogs - he's not picky about what he hangs on to. He just looks for something sturdy to help get him from one point to another.

He eats a lot! I've been making my own baby food for the last month or so and he seems to really like the fresh food better. He eats lots of peas, carrots, squash, apples, mangos, sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas and cantaloupe. We're trying pasta and peas for dinner tonight. We'll see what he thinks of that!

He's still pretty serious sometimes, mostly when he's just waking up or checking out someone he's never met before. But he's really a happy, cheerful babay. Smiling and clapping for us.

We're so crazy about this adorable baby!

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