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Eagle Eye

We've had some beautiful weather around here. Finally, after the rainiest October ever, it's nice to get outside and enjoy the sun.

We met some friends at the Arboretum last week. It was still a little soggy from all the rain, but Andrew was able to crawl around quite a bit.

I'm going to have a hard time with this crawling thing. I really wanted to stop him from getting into the dirt and putting grass in his mouth, but I think I'll just have to get used to it. He's a boy. :)

And he's a busy boy.

Tuesday morning I was straightening up the kitchen, and I'd put Andrew down on the floor in the den with his basket of toys. He promptly crawled out of the room toward the stairs, but I figured he was just playing on the first step like he'd been doing for days.

He got quiet so I popped around the corner to see what he was up to, and I couldn't find him. I looked in the study and the guestroom, even the bathroom, before I spotted him.

He was all the way up the stairs on the ninth step, sitting on his knees and holding on to the railing, smiling at me like he'd just done the greatest thing ever.

I was scared to death! He'd only been out of my view for a few minutes. I couldn't believe he could get that far up the stairs; he'd never even crawled up one step. I felt terrible, but he was just fine.

Needless to say, I've kept an eagle eye on him these last few days, and we're having gates installed tomorrow. We're not taking any more chances with our busy guy!



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