Meagan Musing: August 2013

Meagan Musing


My Little Desk Nook

We kind of stumbled onto this new house. We knew where we wanted to be and we knew a builder and he had a house in the works, and one crazy summer later, here we are.

Our house was still under construction when we looked at it for the first time. But one of the very first things I noticed and fell in love with was the desk space off the kitchen.

So it's technically the mudroom. There are hooks and cubbies on the opposite side of the space.

But I don't mind one bit. I have a place to sit down at my computer and it has a window with pretty natural light. I needed a place to blog, craft and work. And here it is!

It is still a work in progress, just like every last room in the house. I need to warm it up with fabric and a rug and some texture.

I'm planning to do a pretty kelly green roman shade on the window to help with the glare in the mid mornings. And it'll add some much needed color and softness.

I want a pretty little rug, but it needs to be durable because - it's also the mudroom!

But even without those things, I love this little corner so much.

I can sit and quickly check email while dinner is cooking and the kids are watching a show. I can leave my camera out on the counter for easy access.

I can use my Silhouette without having to move all my supplies across the house to cut one little card.

I have a place to store all the kids' craft supplies and Caroline can't get them! She's insane with markers - trust me. And it's awesome to have a dedicated place for crayons and paints and know that she can't find them without help.

So even though there's still a million things to do, I'm so, so happy with it. And I love that it's a project. I can make this space all about what I enjoy, what I love. I can hang baskets for our mail and display tons of blue vases and hang photos all over the walls - it's just that kind of space.

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Caroline Turns TWO!

This sweet girl celebrated her second birthday last week! She's so funny and full of life and spunk and love.

We woke up and sang Happy Birthday dear Caroline then ran downstairs to open her presents in our jammies and bedhead.

If there's anything Caroline wanted for her birthday it was food - ha! She loves all kinds of food - whether you can eat it or not.

Loving on her adorable baby doll from Cleo & Poppy on Etsy. She was a big fan.

She also opened two Mo Willems books and a few darling little outfits. They were the perfect gifts for her! And lucky girl, Andrew was right there to help her open it all. :)

We had cupcakes with our breakfast because you only turn two once!

We spent the morning at the new neighborhood park.  It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze and clouds. What a gift on an August day in Dallas!

We're not throwing a birthday party this year. I'm a little sad considering how beautiful her party was last year, but with the move and family vacations it would have been really tough to get something planned and put together.

So I wanted to make sure her day was extra special, and I think it was.

But I couldn't resist making these little cupcake toppers.

It felt so good to break out the Silhouette and make something crafty again! :)

Brian made it home from work early enough for us to have dinner together and we played outside before bedtime.

It was a great way to celebrate an amazing little girl!

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