Meagan Musing: April 2009

Meagan Musing


Happy Tuesday

Andrew was in a particularly good mood this morning so I decided to take a few pictures. I'm not a very good photographer, but my subject is so cute I think they turned out great despite my limitations. :)

He's interacting with us just a little more every day, and I love it. I'm trying to be better about doing tummy time more often. He doesn't do much while on his tummy, but he doesn't seem to mind it either.

It's a beautiful day outside today! We're going to try to head out for a walk when he wakes up from his nap. It'll be nice to get some fresh air. We haven't been anywhere since our trip to the mall last week. Oh, there he is! Gotta run.



1 Month

Yesterday was Andrew's 1 month birthday. I can't believe he's already been with us for a whole month! He has started to smile back at me, and it's just the sweetest thing ever.

We were in the middle of this one month photo shoot yesterday when he spit up all over himself. There was so much of it that it rolled all the way down his cute little 1 Month sticker and pooled on the chair. I thought it was hysterical and laughed at him while I was cleaning it up, and he just smiled away at me. Like he thought it was the funniest thing ever, too.

Of course, I didn't capture one of those big open-mouth smiles on camera. He's the most serious looking baby. Always checking everything out.

He decided to give his mama a present for his birthday. He slept from 11:30 to 5:00 last night! I couldn't believe it. I'm sure it was a fluke, and I have no hopes that it will happen again tonight, but I was so excited. It was the longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep I've had in two months. Thank you little guy!

I haven't been to the grocery store since Andrew arrived. I've been to Super Target once or twice, but I haven't been on a real grocery shopping trip in about 5 weeks. (Brian's been sweet enough to go for me so we're not starving or anything.) So on Wednesday I decided I had to put on my brave face and just do it.

I fed Andrew, plopped him in his car seat and headed for Tom Thumb. By the time I pulled in to the parking lot he was screaming. So I drove around in circles for a bit hoping he'd fall asleep. That didn't do any good. So I parked and got him out of the car seat and tried to soothe him, but he wasn't having any of it.

I hated to take a really upset child into the store. So I turned around and drove right back home. I'm so afraid he's going to dislike grocery shopping as much as I do. I've already decided I'm trying again tomorrow. We're both just going to have to tough it out.



Big Adventures

Yesterday was a big day. Kelsey and I took Andrew to Northpark Mall for the first time. I told him he should have been thrilled to be heading to the greatest mall in Texas. But I don't think he really understood the significance of the trip.

We started out in the shoe department at Nordstrom. I thought he'd just sleep peacefully in his stroller, but he started fussing under his blanket. And then he got loud and people were looking at us. I handed Kelsey the shoes I'd picked out and took off for the ladies lounge on the 2nd floor. And Andrew was asleep by the time I got up there. I just had to keep him moving.

We decided to go on to Banana because finding a pair of jeans that fit properly was really my top priority. I hurriedly tried on clothes, and just as I found jeans that weren't too awful on my post-baby body Andrew woke up, and he was very hungry. So I got to nurse him in the dressing room at Banana. Luckily they weren't too busy and no one asked us what was taking so long. I thought of Kelly and all her commenters discussing the craziest places they'd had to nurse their babies. It could have been so much worse than the Banana dressing room!

All in all it was a pretty good trip. We got to eat lunch and we were able to go back and buy the shoes we'd been looking at when we first arrived. I'm so grateful Kelsey went with me! I'm just not ready for a trip to the mall with the baby by myself yet.

And then Brian came home early to watch Andrew so I could go get a pedicure. It was the first time Brian was left alone with the baby. I fed Andrew and then handed him off to his dad in a nice sleepy state and he fell asleep on Brian's chest right away. They were in the exact same position when I got back an hour and a half later. Brian was afraid to move for fear he'd wake him up. It was too cute.

We're going to try to spend the night at Mom and Dad's today, our first night away from home. We're going to go to their church's Easter service tonight. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and our church is so busy on Easter that you have to wait outside and park miles away. We decided it would be easier to go tonight and not worry about getting Andrew out in the rain and crowds tomorrow.

So I have to go pack up our stuff for the weekend. Just thinking about all the baby gear we have to take makes me a little nuts, but I think we can get it all. And there's always the Target in Rockwall if I forget something really vital! :)

Hope you all have a happy Easter weekend!

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Professional Pictures

A sweet local photographer came to our house on Sunday to take newborn pictures of Andrew. Melissa Darst has two little ones herself and was wonderful with our baby.

She posted a sneak peak of Andrew's pictures on her blog. I can't wait to see the rest!

I took the baby to Target all by myself today. It was a little scary. When I was ready to go I fed him and then immediately strapped him in his car seat and ran out the door. He was awake the whole time we were there just looking around and taking it all in. He started to fuss as we were walking through the parking lot to leave. Perfect timing.

I had to make the trip today because we were down to one pacifier. Fenway really likes Andrew's Soothie pacifiers and thinks they are for him. I'm not sure how we're going to stop this, but it could turn in to a real problem. I stocked up today just in case.

This is the first week I've been home alone with Andrew and it's been going pretty well so far. Most of the time he's a good baby, and he rarely cries during the day. As long as he gets fed every 2 or 3 hours he's good to go.

The evenings have been a different story. I will just say that I was very happy I remembered our swing turns around and swings front to back. But this evening he's been great. Brian and I were able to eat dinner at the same time! I sure hope we get more todays and fewer yesterdays in the weeks to come.

Don't forget to check out the adorable new pictures on Melissa's blog!



3 Weeks Already

Yesterday was hard. My happy, content baby decided he wanted to be held and not sleep all day long. If he wasn't being held he was crying hard and loudly. It made me sad. I really hope it wasn't a sign of things to come.

Brian got home from work and rocked Andrew to sleep letting me go ahead and head to bed early. So I got some sleep, it just wasn't consecutive sleep. Andrew woke up crying and fussing again early this morning, and I was afraid it was going to be another bad day. But he's currently sleeping in his swing and has been for 30 minutes.

That's longer than he slept for me all day yesterday combined!

If his happy mood keeps up I want to go to the cute little baby store by our house this afternoon to buy a baby sling. I have a Moby wrap, but it's really confusing to put on, and I think I need to start out with something a little easier to maneuver.

I had to go to the office yesterday to make copies of all our tax stuff to send to the accountant. I carried Andrew in in his car seat, and oh my goodness that thing is heavy! I'd much rather carry him around in a sling both at home and out and about. I think my back will thank me later.

I'm off to try to get some stuff done before the little guy wakes up again. Here's hoping today is better than yesterday!



I'm Back

Our Internet service has been sporadic for the last week and completely down for the last 3 days. I've been going crazy, but at least I could still check my email on my phone.

The cable guy came to fix it today and Kelsey was sweet enough to come hang out with me while he was here. Andrew was a little fussy today and has wanted to nurse all day long. So Kels grabbed Fenway and showed the repairman to the door while I sat under a blanket with the baby.

Kelsey and Matt returned from New Zealand this week. They left on March 19, just three days after Andrew was born, and got home this past Monday. They had a great time, but Kels came over to see us just as soon as they got back. I think she missed us almost as much as we missed her. I'm so glad she's back home!

Mom and I took Andrew to his two week appointment on Monday. He's back up to his birth weight plus two ounces at 8 lbs, 7 oz. I was so proud! And his cord fell off on Tuesday. He's growing up already! :)

Isn't he just adorable?

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